As I write, Russia is destroying Ukraine's energy infrastructure in response to Kiev's renewed ethnic cleansing against pro Russian-separatists in the Kharkov Region.

di John Varoli
Looks like total war. The escalation that we predicted is coming true. The war in Ukraine is increasingly vicious. Neither side will back down.
As I write these words, Russian bombers and missiles are targeting key Ukrainian infrastructure such as power stations. Major cities in eastern and central Ukraine are plunging into darkness and coming to a standstill. The goal is to paralyze the Ukrainian war machine that’s now a de facto NATO army.

Un bombardamento a Kharkov, probabilmente contro una centrale elettrica

Previously, Russia only targeted specific military infrastructure, and most of Ukraine continued to function as normal. Now, however, Moscow is targeting infrastructure that all of Ukrainian society needs to function. And more Russian bombing raids are expected to follow in the coming days. Russian bloggers taunt Kiev by openly posting the coordinates of key Ukrainian power stations.
This is just the start. The hardliners in Moscow are ascendant. The other day Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov openly threw out a veiled challenge to Vladimir Putin’s rule. “If there’s no change in the special military operation today or tomorrow then I’ll go to the country’s leadership to explain the situation.”

Al centro, il leader ceceno Ramzam Kadyrov

Faced with anger inside its ruling elite, Moscow’s raids today are a response to Kiev’s recent successful offensive in the Kharkov Region (Ukraine) whereby it regained control over lands populated by ethnic Russians who see Moscow as a protector.
Many Ukrainians (ethnic Russians) survived the past 6 months thanks to Russian food aid. Tens of thousands of these ethnic Russians are now fleeing their homes as NATO/Ukrainian troops advance in the Kharkov Region. Those unable to flee are rounded up by Kiev’s dread secret police, the SBU, which is notorious for torture. This is ethnic cleansing. The West remains silent and condones it.

NATO/Ukrainian forces have long boasted about punishing ‘collaborators’. Western media unabashedly show SBU raids on the homes of elderly people who are suspects. Even accepting Russian food aid is a crime in Zelensky’s Ukraine.

Ufficiali della SBU danno la caccia ai "collaboratori" russi in Ucraina

This is why I’ve been saying for months — Stop the war now! Arrange a ceasefire, even if this means ‘freezing’ the conflict without resolution. More war only brings more death and destruction. Any Ukrainian victory on the battlefield will only bring a more destructive Russian response.
Folks, we’re talking about the world’s second most powerful military and the largest empire on Earth. Moscow won’t surrender and it will protect ethnic Russians. This is not Yeltsin’s Russia. This is Putin’s Russia. When will Washington, London and Brussels wake up to this reality?! Because they want the escalation; they want more war. That’s the only logical conclusion.

Un reparto di militari ucraini posano dopo la riconquista di un villaggio

New phase: NATO-Russia war
Make no mistake — this is now a full-fledged war between Russia and NATO; a new and more deadly phase of the Ukraine conflict, bringing us closer to a nuclear war. NATO has been arming and training the Ukrainian nationalist regime since 2014. In fact, NATO and Ukrainian officials met on Sept. 8 at Ramstein Air Base (Germany) to discuss more lethal aid to Zelensky’s regime.
I’m only surprised that Moscow hasn’t yet struck NATO infrastructure. I think those options are on the table and being planned by Moscow’s generals. And you very well know what escalation that will bring about.
NATO has made it clear that it wants ‘regime change’ in Moscow and to dismember the Russian Federation, (just follow the NATO-affiliated Atlantic Council). Thus, NATO is seen by Moscow as an existential threat. So, expect Moscow to fight to the bitter end. Any NATO/Ukrainian victory will be met by a ferocious Russian response.
For years I warned Ukrainian friends and colleagues: «Make peace with Moscow. Otherwise your beautiful country will be destroyed and reduced to rubble. Don’t be a pawn in the West’s chess game with Moscow».

I said this in 2014 and 2015, as well as in 2018 and 2019 during my business trips to Kiev. They chuckled, and said: «John, you don’t understand the Ukrainian spirit. We will fight and defeat the Muscovites».
This is what happens when you have a generation of people raised on video games. They don’t understand that their actions have real life consequences. They don’t understand that when you’re dead, you’re dead. That’s it. You don’t get a new life.
So, here’s my new message to my Ukrainian friends:
«This is your war with Russia. Go fight it. But don’t drag the rest of the world into your madness and psychopathic vendetta».

September, 11 - 2022

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